Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bad Tattoos And The Idiots Who Thought They Were A Good Idea

Having recently decided that I want to get my first tattoo I have spoken to a lot of friends about it and done a bit of research online. There are some absolutely amazing tattoo artists out there that have produced some phenomenal pieces of artwork on bodies. I have actually become so impressed that I really can't wait to get mine done.

But, with all good things there has to be the opposite end of the spectrum. There has to be the God awful tattoos that people think are a great idea at the time. Either they are drunk, they have a momentary loss of judgement.....or maybe they really are that retarded.

First on my list of stupid tattoos is not too can look. I don't think its the tattoo that bothers me in this pic. I think that is is more the fact that she thinks she looks good showing it off! Hunny, if you want to show off a God awful tattoo, at least have a decent body. The rolls hanging over the jeans just draw attention away from the tattoos and to how nasty of a hick you are. It honestly looks like you are hiding muffins under that muffin top! Just gotta love NASCAR fans.
With this next one, all I have to say is WTF!!! What would ever give you the thought that getting a picture of an ear of corn having sex with a broccoli permanently placed on your body was a good idea!? I mean, I can see the passion between the two vegetables, with the beads of sweat pouring out, but come on. Why!!!??? Then there are the retarded people that believe that the more awful tattoos you get, the better you look. I know that all of us don't have high end jobs that you can't have tattoos showing, but come on! Really!? Why!? I don't even know what "Mr. Cool ICE" is supposed to mean, but dude!? You look like an idiot. And, what's with the goggles on the back of your head!? I just don't understand people sometimes.

I have also realized that people have a fascination with using their belly button to help the visualization of the tattoo in a way that is just a bit over board.

Not only does this guy have a really stupid tat of a cow, but man, you have a HUGE belly button. You can seriously hide stuff in there! Keep an afternoon snack in there in case you get hungry!
This next was is actually pretty funny! For as much as he will regret this someday when his kids ask him why there is a monkey anus on his stomach, it is hilarious.
I don't even want to know what this guys fascination with cat ass is all about. I think this guy has to go see a shrink and talk about his beasteality problems. If anyone sees this stomach go into a pet store, please call the authorities and hide all the felines.
Then, there is the ultimate retarded tattoo for the ultimate retarded woman. This lady sold her forehead on eBay in order to get money to get her son into a private school. She was able to get $10,000 to place a BIG bold advertisement for a casino on her dome! She claimed that since her son had fallen behind in public school that going to private school would help him with his studies. I can tell you right now, if he got his brains from you then no matter where he goes to school he is going to be the last in his class and be known as the kid with the retarded mother who has the tattoo on her forehead!


lrocker5515 said...

That guy with the huge belly button, it's not really as big as it looks. If you look closely it's shaded to look bigger. Still retarded nonetheless!

Ryan said...

tattoos are retarded, but these are just unbelievable! Some people...

obbop said...

Encourage others to get tattoos.

Many benefits.

Especially to the non-tattooed.

Less competition for the better jobs.

Less competition for the classy ladies.

More competition, perhaps, for the slutty gals but what decent guy wants those?

And the more brainless tumors wandering the USA with their "body art," especially those who place it upon their face, neck and hands the more intelligent you as a non-tattooed non-trend/fad following self-actualizing free-thinking individual appear in comparison.

Abbie said...

It's horrible that you continue to use the word "retarded" to mean bad, or stupid. That despicable, and you should feel terrible.